Buy property in Zurich

If a high quality of life is at the top of your criteria, then start packing your bags for Zurich. This beautiful Swiss city located on the shores of Lake Zurich promises its residents a very sweet life.

A quiet buzz

Zurich is a super dynamic city. It’s one of the world’s most significant financial centers, and so its population of residents is very international and always on the lookout for the latest innovation. The city is multilingual, prompting rapid integration. The official language is Swiss-German, but English, French, and Italian are also widely spoken in the city. The standard of living is among the highest in Switzerland. Residents want and have access to the best of the best in terms of safety, environment, housing, cultural and leisure activities, transportation, and education. Safe to say, as an economic and financial capital, Zurich and its residents are in a position to make demands.

We wouldn’t dare deny the charm of the city, a medieval town surrounded by the tranquility of the lake and mountains. As for where to live, you’ll be spoiled for choice: in the city center, countryside or at water’s edge. Despite what you choose, when you buy a residence in Zurich, you are granted easy access to all the city’s amenities. The excellent public transportation will get you home, to work, to school, and back in the blink of an eye. Compared to other major cities’ transportation systems, you’ll come to appreciate Zurich’s painstakingly punctual tram.

Apartment or house

Zurich is a gold mine for exceptionally beautiful residences. The city’s luxury apartments are especially attractive; the charm of the Belle-Epoque mansions irresistible; the architecture of palaces restored with panache; and medieval houses in the Old Town enchant with their red or green shutters. Streets are narrow and winding, leading toward flowery plots of land and lively terraced-restaurants. There are more than 3,500 restaurants, bars, and lounges, in addition to a wide array of cultural and festive activities in Zurich: museums, theatres, concert halls, art galleries, music clubs, exhibitions, and festivals. It’s no wonder the word “routine” has fallen out of the city’s vocabulary.

Zurich is divided into 12 Kreis (boroughs). The 1st is the historic district of Lindenhof, popular for its apartments and views of the Limmat, the river that crosses the Old Town. Foreign residents and those who prefer the city atmosphere love the Oberstrass and Unterstrass neighborhoods. Families are attracted to properties in the countryside or on the lake’s shores in order to live in fresh, pure air - a perk of Zurich’s dedication to the fight against pollution.

Buying a house on the outskirts of Zurich comes with larger square-footage and the best amenities, not to mention the stunning views of the region’s natural landscapes: vineyards, forests, neighboring mountains - including the Schnebelhorn culminating at 1,292 meters above sea level - and, of course, the lake.

Schools in Zurich have an excellent reputation. Whether they’re public, private, or even Japanese, the level of education is very high. This forces families to seriously consider their children’s future when making the decision to move into a beautiful mansion with a large garden for a long period of time.

The shores of the lake are a highly in-demand location.These days, family homes make rare appearances on the real estate market. As a result, their value is consistently increasing. The lake’s banks welcome cyclists, walkers, skaters, and even swimmers who are attracted to the incredibly clear waters - a body of freshwater where all the city’s nautical activities take place. To practice your butterfly stroke, head to the beaches of Badi, a prime swimming area. As for ski enthusiasts, you’ll find 10 ski areas with within 90 minutes of the city center. What more could you ask for?

We'll leave you with this agonizing decision: a charming apartment in the city center, a beautiful lakeside property, or a fabulous estate in the countryside?