Radiant vineyards with sublime views of Lake Geneva and Mont-Blanc, the small, flowery lakeside town of Morges offers a sweet life in the middle of nature.

Founded in 1286, Morges has managed to preserve the charm of its heritage. Ideally located in the canton of Vaud, not far from Lausanne, Morges enjoys a quiet and peaceful atmosphere on the banks of Lake Geneva. Its rich landscape is presided over by its namesake chateau, dominating acres and acres of vineyards.

A Story of the Land

Morges is the largest wine region in the canton of Vaud, located between Geneva and Lausanne. La Côte AOC (or the Coast of Protected Designation of Origin) benefits from the ideal conditions to produce grands crus; Morges, in particular, has the ideal location, protected by the Jura and Lake Geneva mountains. The soil’s quality allows winegrowers to produce structured wines with fruity and floral aromas. These delightful and original products attract wine lovers for tastings organized by the region.

It must be said, the sun seems to shine brighter on the vines on the terrace of Morges. Exceptional residences and beautiful houses on the hillside are highly sought after by Morgiens. These properties enjoy a breathtaking panorama of changing colors, depending on the seasons. In autumn, the scene is like a fairy-tale - orange and golden yellow vines and leaves complement the lake’s blue waters and docked sailboats.

This beautiful living environment attracts many newcomers to Switzerland, who are enchanted by the surrounding countryside and the charm of Morges.

Your next move is to Morges, if...

  1. You are looking for some artistic inspiration
  2. Your visiting friends are a fan of “enotourism”
  3. When asked, “Which coast?”, you have a 3-letter answer

A Story of Chivalry

Relics of a past time, pedestrian streets, townhouses with pointy roofs, lovely squares centered around fountains, all of this is part of the medieval charm of Morges. There’s an unwavering respect for tradition, and so every Wednesday and Saturday, the main pedestrian street in Morges hosts regional artisans and vendors selling local products. It’s a popular gourmet getaway in the canton of Vaud.

Morgiens are very welcoming and always in a good mood. It’s certainly for this reason that the famous Festival d'Humour Morges-sous-Rire is held in Morges every year, inviting the best comedians from Switzerland and neighboring countries.

The municipality of Morges is like a colorful bouquet: the famous promenade on the Quais du Dahlia is a gathering place for families. Along the lake, between the Temple and the Parc de Vertou, more than 2,250 dahlias are in bloom from July to October. The result is a beautiful spectacle to be discovered on foot or in a little train. In the spring, everyone meets at Independence Park for the Tulip Festival. Colors are always in abundance in Morges.

In Morges, nautical navigation holds an important place, as well as water activities endorsed by the municipality. There are at least 4 ports: le port du château (the old port), le port de la baie de l’Église, le port du Bief, and le port du Petit-Bois (the new port). That’s not all, Préverenge beach is ideal for young but eager swimmers due to its shallow first 50 meters.

The Vaud coast is a land of history, with more than 30 châteaus to discover, including the magnificent Château de Morges and its 4 museums, a collection of incredible weapons and armor, as well as important historical figures. Morges is a place where both young and old can let their imagination run free.

Living in Morges is for your family, if...

  1. Your little ones love to fall asleep to stories about knights
  2. You already have a set of jokes prepared for the festival
  3. It’s all organized: the sailboat at the port du château and the port du Petit-Bois  

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