The charm of it alone could make you blush. Rougemont is a delightful little village of the Riviera-Pays-d’Enhaut, a part of the independent association Plus Beaux Villages de Suisse. Marvel at the beauty of its traditional chalets, and dream of becoming a part of its happy population (only 900 residents) in this municipality of the canton of Vaud.

In Rougemont, every season is beautiful. Ski enthusiasts delight in the 58 km of slopes. Hikers are captivated by the beauty of its natural landscapes in the spring and summer. The sumptuous chalets draped in blooming foliage is a sight for sore eyes. Competition is tough, each owner decorates their chalet with the most beautiful intentions.

When it comes to skiing, head to the mountains of the famous resorts: Gstaad, Saanen, and Rougemont. For proud adrenaline junkies, go tête-à-tête with the slopes of Videmanette descending towards Rougemont; it’s the longest run in the region, measuring 10 km long with a 1,200-m decline. Our advice: Don’t be afraid to take out the stopwatch.

Here’s an interesting piece of information for potential buyers: Like Quebec and Doubs in Burgundy-Franche-Comté, French is the official language of Rougemont. However, just 7 km away in Gstaad, in the neighboring canton of Berne, Swiss-German is the language of choice.

Here’s another important piece of information that applies to owners’ finances: Taxes in Switzerland is very particular. They don’t fall under the Confederation’s jurisdiction but vary depending on the canton. When stuck between the canton of Vaud or canton of Bern, a calculator will surely help tip the tide one way or the other.

Luxury chalets in Rougemont each have their peculiarities, giving the happy owners another reason to smile. The vast majority are very imposing, with green or red shutters, wooden balconies, and 2 entrance staircases - a relic that has stood the test of time. These residences are often passed down from generation to generation. On the facades, you might notice dates of construction along with bible passages (blessings from previous residents). Even more, at the top, both name of the owner and carpenter is inscribed in the wood.

It is customary for owners of these prestigious residences to preserves traces of historical tradition: hunting trophies, deer antlers, cow collars (bells intact) embellish the wooden facades. These symbolic trinkets are a call to Bernard - that’s St. Bernard - and offer protection.

New luxury chalets are also responsible for complying with very specific rules and regulations in order to maintain the authentic charm of this little village. They must be made with light wood, which will take years to become patinated.

Buying a chalet in Rougemont, old or new, is an investment that ensures thousands of returns; not to mention a happy life in the heart of a charming, authentic village surrounded by the sublime Alps mountains.

Are congratulations in order yet? Welcome to Rougemont.