It started with a whisper in the region of Riviera-Pays-d’Enhaut. Then, word started to spread like wildfire throughout the Canton of Vaud. Now everyone can’t stop talking about this beautiful commune (only good things, of course): Château d’Œx.

A village of tradition

Some discovered the charm of this village while attending the Festival International de Ballons, and never left. The festival’s spectacular scene creates quite the sensation: A bright blue sky, snow-capped mountains, sprinkled with more than 100 multi-colored balloons.

But on a typical day (not considering January’s snow frenzy), the panorama is just as amazing. The village is perched on a hill protected by the Temple de Château d’Œx, an absolute must-visit that dates back to the Middle Ages and offers a sweeping landscape view of hilly pastures surrounded by the majestic mountains of the Alps.

Houses and chalets in Château d’Œx respect the tradition of the Canton of Vaud: Stately residences built in golden wood, with those emblematic double staircases (on the facade) and balconies embellished in blooming flower arrangements.

Château d’Œx is also known for its famous cheese, L’Etivaz AOP, a secret savoir-faire passed down from generation to generation. By being hand brewed in large copper cauldrons on wood fire, the cheese acquires a unique taste of the Alps. We recommend trying it with a with thin slices of the region’s delicious smoked ham.

A chalet in Château d’Œx is for you, if …

  1. You have a nose for good investments
  2. You have already registered (online) for the most beautiful flowered balcony competition
  3. You like Gruyère, but you can’t resist L’Etivaz

A village bound by beauty on all sides

To be the best, you have to surround yourself with the best. Château d’Œx is the perfect example of this concept. On one hand, there’s a lively winter season and ski resorts. On the other hand, summer is greatly anticipated for various sporting activities. Even if you want to stay in by the fireplace or sunbathe on a lounge chair, it’s all possible in Château d’Œx.

It’s impossible to get bored in Château d’Œx. There are many slopes throughout the varied and diverse ski areas to be explored by adventurous skiers. Domaine de la Brave, Les Diablerets, Col du Pillai, Glacier 3000 (it’s common to see snowboarders in the middle of summer who have come from all over the world to face these slopes), Sex Rouge et Rougemont-La Videmanette are excellent playgrounds. On sunny days, these spaces transform into hiking grounds, climbing routes, and mountain bike and ATV trails, offering exciting excursions to experience with family and friends.

It’s the summer adventure you’ll never forget. Begin in the snow, continue through rocky mountains, discover natural lakes and forests, cross huge fields, and end in a village for a refreshing glass of lemonade - all in the same day. For hikers with a special gourmand appetite, we strongly recommend visiting an Alpine farm to enjoy a well-deserved slice of L’Etivaz.

If you must shop, then take a shopping trip to Gstaad, Rougemont or Saanen. A chic and elegant mountain environment to indulge in traditional cuisine and decor. For a winning trio, pick up a Swiss cuckoo clock (a must souvenir), triple cream meringues, and a landscape carving, a folk art delicacy of the Pays d’Enhaut.

More and more, Château d’Œx is attracting a young family population interested in a high-quality of life and environmentally-friendly atmosphere. Real estate prices in Château d’Œx are more favorable than in some neighboring towns. Its geographical location is a major asset, as the village is well-serviced by trains and highways. This allows residents of the major cities like Lausanne, Geneva, and Berne (for example) to enjoy a weekend getaway in a dazzling landscape. Château d’Œx is on the rise, and it’s not stopping anytime soon.

Buying a residence in Château Œx is your priority if y,…

  1. You like the view from the top
  2. You want to become an expert in the art of paper-cutting
  3. Between hiking, mountain biking, and skiing, you have earned your calves of steel (though you prefer gold)