1. I am located on the northern shore of the largest natural lake in Europe.
  2. I am the fourth largest city in the country in terms of population.
  3. I am the capital of a French-speaking canton.

Who am I ?

Too easy, especially for those of you who received honors in geography while in elementary school: 'I am Lausanne,' of course. And for those who may have been easily distracted, Zurich is the most populated city in Switzerland, followed by Geneva in second place, and Basel completes the top three. But there’s a good chance that Lausanne has won first place in your heart.

Lausanne, the dynamite

Lausanne is a charming town on the shores of Lake Geneva with irresistible charm and a distinct cachet. Its streets undulate in the old town and its medieval atmosphere submerges us in history as well as the avant-garde, because Lausanne is a city that’s perpetually evolving.

But perhaps the most distinct characteristic of this Swiss city is its dynamism. It’s possible that this is a result of its involvement in the Olympics - Lausanne is the Olympic Capital (yes, it’s a big deal) - or a likely result of its tremendous economic growth. Many multinational, international and Swiss companies have their headquarters stationed in or around the city. The city is populated by young (and also a little less young) executives looking for innovation, good addresses and an ideal living environment that offers many opportunities and activities. Lausanne is taking part in the entrepreneurial movement, in which brains are overstimulated with ideas, and the city has become the cradle of many startups.

In addition, Lausanne is the Swiss leader in education, professional training, and research. It is home to the University of Lausanne, one of the largest university campuses in the country, the prestigious École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), the Haute École d’Art et de Design, the Rudra-Béjart School of Dance, the École Hôtelière de Lausanne, the International Institute for Management Development (IMD), one of the best business schools in the world. Obviously, brains here are more acutely wired. The city’s more than 25,000 students is a token of good humor, youth and absolutely zero risk of getting bored in the city. The atmosphere is alive and in full swing, while maintaining the seriousness and respect that is so characteristic of this beautiful country. The biomedical field also has a significant presence with big names in research like the ISREC (Swiss Institute for Experimental Cancer Research) and CHUV (Lausanne University Hospital). It appears that geniuses are made in the Olympic Capital, making Lausanne the ultimate city for the all-around champ.

You will narrow in on Lausanne, if ...

  1. Your favorite cocktail consists of knowledge, success, and quality of life
  2. As a savvy parent, you know that being a well-rounded individual is the key to success
  3. You’re already planning on naming your youngest Olympia

Oh, the good life!

Living in Lausanne means enjoying life in a breathtaking landscape in all seasons, in the snow or under the sun. Simply, the city of Lausanne radiates. Live in an apartment in the city and enjoy the cafes’ flowery terraces, the medieval cobblestone streets lined with trendy shops and restaurants. Discover, at each street corner or, even better, out your window, the sublime panorama: an ethereal blue lake surrounded by mountains. The city lives at full speed (like its automatic metro, the M2), but it’s nice to take you time and breathe the fresh air of the Vaud canton in its many green spaces, beautiful parks and the pedestrian streets in the city center to stroll and shop. Ah, let’s not forget a little tour into the city’s cultural institutions, with 25 museums and numerous exhibition. Your planner will always be booked, because in Lausanne there’s always something going on.

When it comes to appearance, Lausanne is blessed with natural beauty. The surrounding countryside is awe-inspiring; the forest is no stranger to the city; and whether on foot, horseback or bike, you will be spoiled for choice to exercise in the freshest of air. Discover the little paths on Terrasses de Lavaux to admire the vineyards’ changing colors, which are a classified UNESCO World Heritage Site. Throughout the year, this wonder never gets old. And in Lausanne, we must stay in good shape. After all, it is the Olympic City.

Wander through the pretty trails on the shores of the lake, train for the swimming leg of the Lausanne triathlon, or learn to navigate the winds in preparation for the Bol d'Or Regatta. You’ll find every water activity imaginable offered at lake. And if the calling to snowy peaks are too strong, just jump in your ski-suit and go by car to the nearby ski resorts in Leysins, Villars or Gstaad ... (depending on your skiing preferences).

It’s a done deal, you’re moving to Lausanne immediately, if …

  1. You’ve considered that the people of Lausanne have already considered everything
  2. Your dream job, of course, goes with the dream house with a lake view
  3. This morning, your spouse heard you humming 'The good life' by Sacha Distel in the shower, and called BARNES illico presto.