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Does moving to one of the most international cities in Switzerland spark your interest? Basel, nicknamed Dreiländereck, is the tripoint of 3 major European countries: Switzerland, France, and Germany. BARNES Basel is there to help you make it your home.

The BARNES Basel real estate agency has much to offer, including properties as well as advice. The team’s experience throughout the entire country of Switzerland (22 agencies) and international clientele (85 BARNES offices worldwide) make it a go-to facilitator in the Basel real estate market.

Are you looking for a beautiful apartment in a medieval town, one of those charming wood-frame houses, or a gorgeous 19th-century hôtel particulier or private mansion in a residential area? A residence in the vicinity of Basel, perhaps one on the banks of the Rhine? The largest open-air “turquoise pool” in the summertime and the pride and joy of Basel residents, the river splits the city in half, so you’ll have to choose between Petit-Bâle (Little Basel) and Grand-Bâle (Big Basel). Not to worry, the BARNES Basel team will help you make the best choice.

Basel is a beautiful and vibrant city. A center of Swiss culture and heritage, with a large number of museums, the city is also a powerful banking and financial hub. Situated at the heart of 3 countries, it’s also for its international fairs, such as Art Basel and Baselworld, one of the most important watchmaking and jewelry exhibitions around the world. The city is buzzing year-round, and the Basel real estate market is more than thriving, as demand surpasses supply.

Not only is living in Basel investing in a great quality of life, but investing in real estate in Basel is an excellent financial investment. The rental market is extremely profitable. Both exhibitors and visitors looking for accommodations are willing to pay the price for a multitude of upscale services.

For a primary or secondary residence, real estate investment, short-term rental, rental management, the experts at the BARNES real estate agency in Basel have the answers for you.


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