BARNES Berne real estate agency


Are you looking for a charming apartment in the old town, a luxury residence in one of the residential areas of Berne, or a house in the canton of Berne? Turn to BARNES Berne and look no further.

The BARNES Berne real estate agency, in partnership with Von Schwanau Immobilien, is a leader in luxury real estate in the Swiss capital and its surroundings. With experience and an international network of 85 offices around the world, 22 of which are in Switzerland, the BARNES Berne agency benefits from a generous portfolio of clients and real estate assets.

Surrounded by the emerald waters of the Aar, the city of Berne is the capital of Switzerland, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and home to many embassies and government headquarters. As a result, it attracts a very privileged international population. The cosmopolitan team at the BARNES Berne real estate agency has the inside scoop on this metropolis and its 6 boroughs or Stadtteile, and offer unlimited expertise on all types of transactions: acquisitions, sales, rental, and real estate investments in the canton of Berne.

Berne is rich in its variety of exceptional properties and the BARNES Berne agency is here to help you discover them: luxury apartments charged with the city’s historical heritage, residences with views of the river and ramparts, waterfront on one side and pedestrian street on the other, large family apartments in one of the city’s many squares or a house in Bernese countryside.

Berne is a vibrant city that’s attracting more and more Swiss and foreigners in search of a high quality of life. It’s also surrounded by the Gurten and Bantiger mountains, with ski resorts, lakes, and hiking trails nearby. In the summer, the crystal clear waters of the Aar welcome swimmers. While weekdays take place in the city, the weekends are for exploring the nature and leisure activities in the surrounding area. But on any given day, in any season, the atmosphere in Bern is cheerful and lively. Ultimately, this “federal city” is conducive for family life as well as economic, political and professional life.