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BARNES Fribourg real estate agency BARNES Fribourg real estate agency Like fate, the opportunity to live in a postcard-worthy setting can’t be ignored. Such is the case when moving to Fribourg, the largest medieval city in Switzerland, where art and history set a high standard of living. The capital of the canton, this city is known for its big and beautiful properties. To find the most beautiful mansion or, if you prefer, luxurious apartment in the heart of the historical heritage of the old town, use the expert services of BARNES Fribourg, the leading luxury real estate agency in Fribourg. The team at the BARNES Fribourg real estate agency has great experience and knowledge in the Fribourg real estate market, whether it’s for an acquisition or sale in the city or its surroundings. Cities, villages, and the countryside are very welcoming and offer a highly sought-after quality of life. All the necessary facilities are in place to administer everyday life: schools, daycares, transportation, cultural and sports activities. Houses are vast and equipped with a lot of land, making real estate prices all the more attractive. The BARNES Fribourg real estate agency is the privileged facilitator of optimizing investments in the Fribourg real estate market. BARNES, with its international experience, its 85 offices around the world and 22 agencies in Switzerland, is a major asset. The city of Fribourg is both charming and dynamic. Ideally located, Fribourg attracts large Swiss and international companies. Residents are looking for a high quality of life in a wholesome environment. Fribourg is also a university town, hosting cosmopolitan students. The city’s narrow alleys are full of small fashion boutiques, antique shops, and restaurants with a wide range of cuisine. Art also plays an important part in the city: the Espace Jean Tinguely and Niki de Sainte-Phalle attract visitors from around the world to marvel at the beauty of a medieval city living in modern times. The real estate market is flourishing, with exceptional properties boasting breathtaking panoramas in the heart of mountains and lakes. Find your hidden gem with the help of the BARNES Fribourg real estate agency.

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Boulevard de Pérolle 3

FRIBOURG, CH-1700 Switzerland

+41 26 347 47 62

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