BARNES Lugano real estate agency


You’ve always dreamed about buying property in the  Canton of Ticino, specifically on the shores of Lake Lugano. The day has finally arrived for you to make this dream come true, and all it takes is trusting the BARNES Lugano, a leading real estate agency that specializes in luxury properties.

The real estate market in Lugano and its surrounding region is rich in exceptional properties. The BARNES Lugano team experts know every corner of the canton, as well as every house or apartment for sale. BARNES benefits from a global reputation, with 85 offices around the world, 22 of which are in Switzerland. BARNES Lugano benefits from this international network and its privilege client portfolio comprised of both wealthy Swiss nationals and foreigners. The BARNES Lugano real estate agency has partnered with the TINAM SA company in order to offer clients and comprehensive service, including legal, financial, and tax counsel to new Ticino residents.

The canton of Ticino offers a romantic and idyllic living environment while also enjoying a secure economy as the third largest financial center in Switzerland. Ticino residents are known to be dynamic, elegant, business savvy, and warm thanks to their Mediterranean culture.

The city is charming and welcoming, with its pedestrian alleyways and ornamental plots. While some prefer the comfort of a renovated luxury apartment in a beautiful historical building, others enjoy the high-quality services and amenities of a more modern residential building.

The region’s pastel-colored neoclassical palaces add a fairytale-like charm. Many of our clients are looking for a luxury villa or a palazzo with a panoramic view of the lake and the Alps. The “Dolce Vita” dream has become a reality in Lugano and its surrounding towns and village, such as Bissone, Massagno, Castagnola, Melide, Paradiso, Montagnola...

With beautiful Lombard-style buildings, a mild climate, fresh air infused with the fragrance of magnolias and camellias, a paradise protected by the San Salvatore and Bré mountains, the desire to live in Lugano year-round only grows stronger.