BARNES Lucerne real estate agency

Living in a sumptuous glass tower in one of the world’s largest cities may be fabulous, but you long for life in an enchanting medieval Swiss town. To be awed every day by the monuments and buildings that have stood the test of time. And it is here in Lucerne, one of Switzerland’s quaintest ‘little’ towns, that you have chosen to live out your dream.

You may not yet have decided on whether you’re in the market for a luxury apartment in the magnificent old town known as Altstadt or a townhouse overlooking the Reuss river or Lake Lucerne, both of which are prized by the residents of Lucerne and its visitors. But one thing is sure, no matter which property wins your heart, you will be able to admire the 14th century ramparts that surround the town and cross the famous covered wooden footbridge, Kappelbrücke (or Chapel Bridge), decorated with hundreds of flowers, at least twice a day.

To help you find the perfect fit, why not place your trust in the BARNES Lucerne real estate agency with its extensive portfolio of luxury properties and apartments in the town centre and its surrounding areas. Backed by its international network, over 90 offices worldwide, and its strong base in Switzerland with 20 agencies, as well as its upscale clientèle, BARNES Lucerne is the undisputed expert in the acquisition, sale and rental of properties in this magnificent region of central Switzerland.

Incredible opportunities await in this radiant town set on the banks of Lake Lucerne and surrounded by snow-capped mountains. Our BARNES consultants take into account your search criteria in order to offer the best advice and show the most beautiful properties in Lucerne, whether it’s a renovated old apartment with stunning views, a townhouse or a country residence.