BARNES Zurich real estate agency


Are you looking for a beautiful apartment in Zurich, the 6th most powerful financial center in the world, or do you want to buy a house in the beautiful Zurich countryside? The BARNES Zurich real estate agency  specializes in the luxury property market, in the service of a privileged clientele.

BARNES, with its own extensive experience throughout Switzerland, decided to partner with Seitzmeir Immobilien, an influential player that has been established in the Zurich real estate market for over 100 years. Under the direction of Herbert Stoop, BARNES Zurich has become a leading real estate agency, with a team comprised of the best real estate experts in the economic and financial capital of Zurich. Moreover, the agency’s expertise in property management is well-known throughout the canton, servicing the many investors who buy in Zurich and later put the property on the rental market.

Zurich is an international metropolis recognized around the world, with a beautiful historical heritage, exemplary security, and a high quality of life, making it one of the most in-demand capitals. The Zurich real estate market’s appeal is not just the current trendiness of a city, but of an international finance hub attracting native Swiss residents and more and more foreigners each year. Approximately 30% of the population has relocated to Zurich from abroad.

BARNES benefits from an international network of 85 agency worldwide, providing its international clients with access to the BARNES real estate agency in Zurich to find their ideal property. BARNES consultants are constantly evaluating the expectations of potential residents and honing their knowledge of the Swiss Confederation capital and the surrounding countryside in order to suggest different neighborhoods and living environment to a wide array of profiles.

A luxury apartment in Altstadt, the old town, or in one of the 12 Kreis (boroughs) of Zurich, a house on the border of Lake Zurich, property in the countryside, or a villa in a high-end residential area, BARNES Zurich has you covered.