Your wish? To realize a smart and successful real estate investment in Switzerland, be happy with it, and satisfy the requirements of the entire family. Here’s what you need to know to make it happen.

First, consider these questions: What type of real estate should I invest in? And in which canton? To buy a large house in the countryside or buy a luxury chalet in the beautiful Swiss mountains? Your BARNES real estate expert has a simple answer: “Why choose?'

You won’t need to make any concessions, just buy a luxury property at the foot of the slopes, where it’s snowy in the winter and green in the spring. And to make matters even more perfect, your BARNES consultant will guide you through the canton of Bern, on the borders of the former county of Gruyère, to the charming and internationally-renowned village, Gstaad.

As one of the most elegant ski resorts in the country, Gstaad attracts some of the most distinguished families on the planet - be they jet-setters or from the aristocratic or business world. Gstaad is truly unique and will remain so, just like Saint-Tropez, the Hamptons, and Monaco. Owning property or buying a luxury chalet in the heart of this charming canton is a must-have luxury.

You’ll find chalets of carved wood and high-end apartments compete with creative and luxurious decor, while still respecting Swiss tradition. The architecture in Gstaad and the neighboring villages has preserved the traditional character of their old buildings. On sunny days, balconies bloom with a variety of flowers and colors, a sight for sore eyes during walks in town and a little competition for residents. The pedestrian village is warm, the luxury shops sparkle, and the friendly shopkeepers very welcoming. Residents meet to socialize in the village everyday, because a large part of Gstaad’s charm is to be shared with friends, whether on its pristine slopes, in restaurants or by the fireplace in a sublime chalet.

Elegance and savoir-vivre are the rules of order. Luxury is omnipresent but not extravagant. This is what sets Gstaad aside from the rest. Its beauty is all natural and surrounded by protective mountains.

Whatever the real estate project in this village of Pays d'Enhaut, it was born under lucky stars. Benefiting from decades of prosperity, Gstaad is a guaranteed excellent investment for the future. Chalets and prestigious apartments are handed down from generation to generation, or sold for the price of gold. The real estate market in the canton of Bern is only growing. Gstaad’s reputation has spread to the neighboring villages in the surrounding area, and so Saanenmöser, Gals, Ipsach, Schönried and, even a little further in the canton of Vaud, Rougemont have followed suit.

Whether you’re looking for an ultra-luxurious chalet of more than 1,000 m2 (10,763 sq. ft.) in Lauenen-Gstaad, a 400 m2 (4,305 sq. ft.) chalet in Schönried or a luxury apartment of 97 m2 (1,044 sq. ft.) in the heart of the village, you will find the region’s best luxury real estate at the BARNES agency, where experts are at your disposal to guide you through all the steps of buying and renting an exceptional property in Gstaad.