If you have a diplomatic soul, are friendly and passionate, an admirer of beautiful things and lover of history, then it comes as no surprise that you have chosen the capital of Switzerland, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Bern to make your home.

Fall under the spell of Bern

The first impression is often the right one. We’re willing to go so far as to bet that you’ll fall hopelessly in love with the architecture of Altstadt, the Old Town, surrounded by the emerald river Aare. Every detail is drenched in history, from the cobbled streets to the Schanze towers protecting the city and the old bridges that recall the days of brave armored knights returning home from battle in the surrounding countryside. The city of Bern has managed to maintain its medieval character to the delight of its residents. Still, all the standards of modern times have been able to be successfully integrated into the city, matching up to all the European capitals.

Like a bear, the canton’s mascot, that hibernates in the winter, the Bernese love returning home to a cozy apartment in the city. Comfort is prioritized in Bern, and so many choose to live in beautiful mansions in residential areas near commercial centers.

A vibrant city

Bern is a city on the human scale and ideal for investing in a family property. The city’s organization and management are perfectly in line with the reputed efficiency of the Swiss. Of course, the country’s capital should be a model for others. Public transportation runs like clockwork, and so tardiness is not an option. But if you do so choose to live on your time, walking in the city is highly recommended. It’s no chore, strolling the streets of Bern is a pleasure, and a healthy one at that.

Discover the city and each of its 6 districts (Stadtteile) before buying a luxury apartment in Bern. Take your time, select the neighborhood that best suits you: near schools, in the case that your toddlers prefer to ride scooters to class, or your workplace if you’re partial to biking.

Bern is a true city with state-of-the-art infrastructure, allowing residents to enjoy a particular sweetness of life. As the colors changes with the seasons, so do the activities of choice. The city’s ubiquitous green spaces serve as wellness centers, with manicured lawn and stunning cherry blossoms. When the sun is at its height, it’s all about walking along the banks of the Aare with an Italian ice in hand, then diving into the refreshing waters of the river.

Buying an apartment in Bern will give you and your family unlimited access to an enchanting setting in the heart of a vibrant city, surrounded by nature and the Gurten and Bantiger mountains. The best ski resorts, hiking sites, and lakes are at the ready for weekend getaways.

The sweetness of life in Bern is to be enjoyed without end.