Beauty, grace, splendor, and history are just another part of everyday life in Bern, the beautiful capital city of Switzerland.

Bern, a classified UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the country’s “federal city” where you'll find the seat of the government and Parliament. Amid the politics and diplomacy, the most popular language is Swiss German. But just as in other parts of Switzerland, Italian, French, and English are also spoken widely. Bern, ever the cosmopolitan, has gone worldwide.

Live in the heart of history

Living in Bern is like living in history. Originally built, in 1191, on the meander of the river Aar, the Old Town is encapsulated by its beautiful waters, making it a majestic peninsula overflowing with history.

Since the Thirty Years' War, Bern has been protected by fortified towers - one petite, the other grande - that you can visit via bridges. The city is also under the watchful eyes of the Gurten and Bantiger mountains, looking out from distance. All this gives the city a touch of romance and mystery.

Discover the city

Living in a beautiful apartment in Old Town is like living on a movie set. Its charming cobblestone streets, Renaissance-style fountains, sandstone buildings and their intricate facades with flags blowing in the wind add a bit theatrics to your everyday life.

On a beautiful day, journey through the Middle Ages by way of the 6 kilometers of arcades for a unique experience. Passersby have no choice but to be captivated by the beauty of this medieval site. Both young and old hearts melt before the landmark Zytglogge tower that dates back to the 16th century. Fun fact: The clock tower uses astronomical dial leaves to the delight of watchmaking enthusiasts - and there are many in such a time-conscious country like Switzerland. But in Bern, it’s nice to take your time, admire the ceremonial chimes of the carillon and the 7 adorable bears, each representing a day of the week. Let's not forget, the bear is the mascot of the Canton of Bern.

Sweet as a melody

Discover the city and its 6 boroughs. The heart of the old city is very lively with a light atmosphere. The area is very pedestrian-friendly (the Swiss public transportation system is exceptional). You’ll find many shops, art galleries and restaurants housed in charming cellars. Explore with open eyes and ears, because the city is full of music. Whether you’re in the Berne Minster, the largest medieval church in Switzerland, with its classical repertoire or in establishments favoring jazz and popular music. Bern hosts many music festivals, making it an ideal destination for music lovers.

Bern will be your favorite city, if...

  1. You love old, historical buildings for their mythical beauty
  2. An apartment on a (peninsula) in the middle of the mainland, that’s all you ask for
  3. You have a strong affinity for black bears, brown bears, grizzly bears, even teddy bears

A city surrounded by nature ...

Living in Bern is like living in a city in the heart of nature. Not only does an abundance of greenery surround the city, but it is also dotted with trees and filled with many green spaces. Our favorite is the Rose Garden, a beautiful floral arrangement of roses, irises, and rhododendrons. Just a few kilometers away, you’ll find an authentic countryside. A little further, about 20 km, you’ll run into the Bernese Alps and its snowy mountains.

... In all four seasons

Summer in the city center is for lounging on cafe terraces in flowery squares, as kids play in the refreshing fountains of the Bundesplatz (Parliament Square). But the real treat is taking a dip into the blue waters of the Aar and letting the current take you up to Freibad Marzili, a gigantic outdoor pool with views of the palace and cathedral. This is a tradition both young and old can enjoy this program.

In autumn, the forests turn 1,000 colors. The hobby of choice? Mushroom picking, of course, to prepare for an afternoon of delicious fondue.

As soon as the temperatures drop and the first snow of winter falls, skiers surge with all their gear towards the ski resort. With the slopes and mountains are so close, it’s hard to resist.

Finally, in the spring, the Bernese have the pick of the lot, to do what they want, when they want.

Bern is for you if ...

  1. Like Einstein, a former Berne resident, energy is your motivation
  2. Walking in the city in a swimsuit or in a ski suit, you are en route
  3. Your Bouvier is only willing to live in Bern