Only under a seal of secrecy will we tell you the most enchanting place to buy a vacation property. It’s the best-kept secret in the canton of Lucerne, and the whole of Switzerland: an enchanting setting in the middle of the mountains surrounding Lake Lucerne. This stays between us.

The splendor of the Middle Ages

The small Swiss town of Lucerne has managed to preserve the beauty of its medieval architecture over time. Strolling around town is awe-inspiring: the old town, called Altstadt in German, is picturesque and protected by 16th-century ramparts. The impressive Museggmauer is nearby, with its monumental wooden deck, known as the Kapellbrücke, built in 1933. This must-see monument has the ability to transport you to a different world. Just so you know, the Kappellbrücke is as famous in Switzerland as the Eiffel Tower is in France. This old pedestrian city, with its squares and historic mansions with fresco paintings, is part of your everyday life. So don’t forget your camera on your daily stroll!

This idyllic setting attracts more than secondary home buyers. Lucerne is a gem at the foot of the Swiss Alps. Its incredible Lion Monument is a sculpture hewn into a rock that honors the Swiss Guards that died at the battle of Tuileries Palace in 1792. Lucerne is the seventh largest city in Switzerland, with an attractive dynamism. Everyone knows that a second home in Switzerland offers a certain peace of mind, the perfect calm to rest and relax while on vacation, with boredom nowhere in sight. More than a tourist destination, buying a vacation residence in Lucerne will offer you and your family an endless source of rejuvenation and inspiration.

Up high or on the calm waters of Lake Lucerne

For parents who are familiar with the school calendar, scheduling vacation time can be as difficult as a puzzle. If you want to give your children some space with fresh air, the opportunity to relax and engage in many sports activities, then Lucerne is the place for you. But to be clear, even those older than 20-years-old can fulfill their need to revitalize the body, mind, and soul. That’s the magic of Lucerne.

Buying a second home in Lucerne is a very good idea. A beautiful residence with a panorama of the extraordinary Lake Lucerne is a must. Colors change with the season, but the reflections of the lake’s calm, blue waters show a sublime landscape portrait of the snow-capped mountains surrounding the lake year round. Whether you’re in a waterfront house with a boat docked on the pontoon or up in the hills, completely surrounded by nature, the scene is serene. Our advice: Take advantage of the chance to buy property in Lucerne and go on a cruise on Lake Lucerne at least once a year: Rent your own boat or enjoy a ride on a steamboat. Even more, why not make it a gourmet getaway?

Acquiring a vacation residence in Lucerne also allows you to enjoy the beautiful ski resorts of the Swiss Alps near Mount Pilate, Mount Rigi or Stanserhorn. These ski areas are known to have the most snow-capped mountains in Switzerland. Sörenberg-Rothorn/Dorf welcomes lovers of ski and snow, with its kilometers of descents for all types and levels of skiers. Day trips are popular, with the cozy comfort of your house waiting to welcome you home: a crackling fireplace and refined decor A true luxury.

A house in Lucerne guarantees happiness in all seasons. In the summer, take a little dip in the lake’s refreshing waters. In the winter, skiing, tobogganing, snowshoeing are points of pleasure. In autumn and spring, the wonderful colors of nature are put on full display during hikes and throughout delightful villages, waiting for you to discover.

Buying a residence in Lucerne on the shores of Lake Lucerne is to commit to the sweet life.