Once upon a time, at the edge of the magnificent Lac des Quatre-Cantons in the midst of snow-capped mountains, there was a delightful town called Lucerne. A beautiful place, where life is incredibly good. Certainly the country’s most photographed site, Lucerne is one of the most well-known panoramas in all of Switzerland.

Live on a movie set

At the foot of the Swiss Alps, this small town in center of Switzerland holds treasures of medieval architecture. Buildings are beautifully renovated and offer luxurious apartments with an unparalleled charm.

Happy inhabitants and visitors walk with their eyes to the skies, admiring the frescoes that are painted on facades, which is the kind of decor only history can provide. Altstadt, the old town, is protected by a 16th-century rampart that stretches 870 meters long with 9 towers. The atmosphere is magical, like a fairy-tale.

Lucerne is a source of constant inspiration. The air itself makes you want to tell stories of chivalry while enjoying a cocktail with friends in one of the many squares of the old town. The landscape is unique, sprinkled with serval wooden pedestrian bridges that allow entry to the heart of Lucerne. The famous Kapellbrücke, for example, was built in 1933 and connects Altstadt to the right bank of the Reuss river. The paintings on the interior frames make it a veritable masterpiece.

Live in the heart of Aldstadt, if ...

  1. You are a lover of beautiful construction and calligraphy
  2. You have the soul of a knight
  3. History is your favorite architect

Life is good in Lucerne

To live in Lucerne is to live in an enchanting setting everyday. In the heart of the city, you’ll find a lake with crystal-clear waters and a historical beach, called Nationalquai, to enjoy sessions of swimming and tanning when the weather permits. Then there is the luxury of the Belle Epoque-style hotels on the shores of Lac des Quatre-Cantons of Lucerne Lake, with grandiose swimming pools and direct access to the lake. Delight in the festive atmosphere of Seebad, one of our go-to waterfront addresses.

Lucerne is also a city of culture and art. Surrounded by the beautiful Alps yet dominated by magnificent monuments like the Jesuit Church, a great Baroque edifice on par with the most beautiful churches in Venice. Although there are no gondolas, romantic walks on the shores of the lake more than suffice. Stop at the house of Richard Wagner, to be inspired by his collection of furniture and instruments.

There is an endless amount of things to do in Lucerne, in the summer and winter. From the first snowfall, the people of Lucerne tie up their ski boots and stay in the canton of Lucerne. The resorts of Sörenberg - Rothorn/Dorf and Mount Rigi (nicknamed “Queen of the Mountains”) welcome families to excellent ski excursion. At the end of the year, Lucerne is lit with 1,000 lights for the Christmas markets and even the tradition of the Poursuite de Saint-Nicolas. In the final stretch of winter, nothing beats the festive activities of Carnival, where thousands of “Lucernois” gather in disguise. The event of cows climbing to the pastures is another reason to celebrate.

Throughout the country, Lucerne is known as a place where authentic and tradition is cherished.

The most beautiful life for you is in Lucerne, if...

  1. You leave the office early, humming the Valkyrie
  2. You plot your Carnival costume all winter
  3. Like the Little Poucet, you have to discover your surroundings