There’s no denying it. This Swiss lake is as big as it is beautiful as it is blue. Lake Walenstadt, or more commonly Lake Walen, stretches along the banks of the St. Gallen and Glarus cantons and offers an environment of timeless beauty.

The end of the world in the heart of Switzerland

Loud and proud, each resident of the various lakeside Swiss canton has proclaimed their lake the most beautiful, the most blue, and the best for sailing. But Lake Walenstadt - called Walensee in German - is unique, attracting the attention of geology enthusiasts. The landscape surrounding Lake Walen is so extraordinary that it’s said to be the exact place where the Alps were formed. The Churfirsten mountains are pointy, shaped like saw teeth, and overlook the lake’s crystal-clear water, creating a fascination panorama. The valley was dug out by the Rhine Glacier. Then there’s Quinten, a hamlet on the northern shore only accessible by boat or on foot. This Mediterranean-style village is a little haven of peace cut off from the rest of world by steep cliffs that disappear into the lake’s transparent waters.

This protective mountain range is a gift to those who live on Lake Walen, in addition to its mild climate and astonishing vegetation. High-end properties and beautiful residences are accompanied by lush lawns. Quinten is well-known for its big and beautiful fig trees. Other southern fruits - kiwis, oranges, grapes, etc. - grow in private gardens. With the sun shining brightly overhead, the region produces the most delicate Pinot Noir, a local specialty.

Your next home will be on Lake Walenstadt, if...

  1. There are few things in life better than a glass of local wine on your terrace overlooking the lake
  2. Except maybe a glass of local wine on your terrace facing the sharp Churfirsten
  3. Or a glass of local wine on your terrace, surrounded by those closest to your heart

Paradise for nature lovers

Between the turquoise waters of the lake and the summits of the Churfirsten, you feel a sense of humility mixed with an inner joy. These mountains are so magical, so imposing that onlookers have no choice but to feel the pure power of nature. The lake is incredibly illuminated by natural light, giving a crystalline reflection of the clouds up above. It won’t take an artistic eye to be impressed.

Charming houses and chalets are scattered in the woods and small quiet hamlets. The forests in-between are beautiful and full of fir trees, lime trees, and chestnut trees.

This stunning natural environment surrounding the lake is ideal for hiking. In fact, hikers reign supreme here, conquering the region’s many trails, no matter how flat or high. Discover torrents and waterfalls, then take a break on a mountain ridge to taste a delicious slice of homemade cheese. Our favorite hikes are through Murg for its enchanting chestnut trees and Flumserberg for a higher, more exhilarating pace. Which ones are yours?

Sailing on the lake is one of both residents’ and vacationers’ favorite activities. Freshwater sailors, watch out for the foehn, a strong wind in the Alps that causes the weather to change as quickly on the lake as at sea. Land on the Schnittlauch Insel, an isle afloat in the middle of the lake. Tranquil, this mini island serves as a haven for birds to give birth and raise their young until they’re strong enough for the mainland. With clear waters and few fish, swimming in the lake is also quite popular. Lake Walenstadt is a true gem, and the nearby ski resorts only increase its priceless value.

Your second residence will be on Lake Walen, if...

  1. The foehn is your favorite kind of breeze
  2. Those who are lucky come on vacation, but those who are smart (you) are there every day of the year (or just about)
  3. The panorama simply makes you happy.

Photo Credit:  Wikimedia