It’s not Ticino’s most well-known municipality, but that happens to be one of its biggest advantages. A place where you can live in total serenity should be preserved at all cost. If you haven’t already heard about Bissone, then let us introduce you.

This charming village is typical of the Lugano region and home to beautiful waterfront properties and large residences built on hills, with sloping terrace and splendid views of Lake Lugano.

In full bloom

Originally, Bissone was a fishing village. Today the houses of fishermen have been renovated into beautiful residences, but still respect the Ticino tradition. Some are even equipped with boat shelters, a welcome home for the loveliest of vessels.

Bissone was once a commercial center for fish trade, and the villagers had a monopoly on products that were en route to the big city of Lugano. This prosperity led to the city’s growth, and new streets were developed to allow easy access to the shore, where housing was then established. Soon after, the local nobility descended from the hills and built exceptional residences on the port.

These bourgeois family houses, embellished with architectural decor, are settled on the lakefront. Distinctive to the region, large porches are protected by heavy doors on the land-side of houses. This feature allowed the fish to stay fresh before going off to be sold in the village square.

A vacation village

Bissone is exactly as you would have imagined: quiet, delightful, narrow alleys, cobblestones, and floral balconies.

Like many towns and villages influenced by the South of France, there are warm multi-color buildings fronted by arcades to provide shade and protect from bad weather. But in Ticino the climate is always very pleasant. The village possesses a Mediterranean atmosphere, with its refreshing fountains and inviting restaurants with terraces crowned in pergola flowers. Beautiful buildings hide luxury apartments that have been renovated to have all the modern comforts. This historical heritage mixed with contemporary luxury makes for a wonderful contrast.

Bissone is in vacation mode all throughout the year, making it an ideal place to own a secondary home. Lakefront properties are family-friendly and allow for a wide variety of water activities to be enjoyed. For some delicacies, discover the many gastronomic restaurants in the Ticino villages and towns that benefit from the region’s Italian influence. In the winter, climb the mountains and slide down the snowy slopes of ski resorts in the Ticino region, such as the Nara-Leontica or Bosco Gurin-Grossalp (better known as “Ggurijnartitsch” in the regional language).

Bissone is not only about losing yourself in nature. Many business men and women choose to live in this little paradise because the Lugano International Airport is located just 7 kilometers away. Instead of opting for a vacation home, these lucky residents have decided to buy their principal residence in Bissone.

So jump in the car or on a plane and discover this little piece of paradise. However, we're counting on you to keep the beauty of Bissone confidential.

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