The name alone is enough to make you dream.

This great Italian-Swiss Lake, expanding over 212 km2, is even more breathtaking than Lake Como - or so it seems - but we won’t fuel the rivalry. To buy property on one of the coastal towns of Lake Maggiore is to live in a little paradise.

We’ll paint the picture for you: a bright light shining on the lake, islands scattered across its blue waters, the mountains of the French Prealps in the distance. Lake Maggiore stretches across Piedmont and Lombardy, part Italian and part Swiss, of the lovely canton of Ticino. The Italian art de vivre plus the meticulous Swiss promptness has created a space for the spirit of la dolce vita to flourish. We did say little paradise, did we not?

Lake Maggiore, in the Swiss Sunshine State

Buyers of the beautiful houses on the shores of Lake Maggiore are lovers of palm trees and the mild climate of Ticino, of the sun and its perpetual sunshine, found in the most southern region of Switzerland and at the lowest altitude. The canton of Ticino is a little like the state of Florida to our American friends.

Large prestigious mansions are found in the many small villages of Ticino and are especially apt for those who like to live in tranquility, close to nature. But the cities on the outskirts are very attractive, too, with their selection of sublime villas with very large lawns.

The Swiss coastal cities of Lake Maggiore


The elegant city of Ascona attracts very chic residents. Brought to life by beautiful terraces in bloom, tasty restaurants with a touch of Italian influence, and picturesque shops, it has even been dubbed the Swiss Riviera.

Properties around Lake Maggiore are very luxurious and worthy of the films presented at the Locarno International Film Festival, another popular city in Ticino, although smaller than Ascona. Imagine the sight of mist floating over the waters, then vanishing as if by magic, all over breakfast. It’s simply a fairy tale.


How can one resist the mythical charm of Lugano, a vibrant and cultural city unlike any other? Its architectural landscape is a mix of palaces, beautiful mansions, and the romantic villas. Security is exemplary in the country's third top financial center. You’ll find an incredible quality of life in the heart of nature, perfect for long walks and water activities. We can already hear you humming Etienne Roda-Gil’s hit tune, Le Lac Majeur, while strolling under the sun, wrapped in the sweet scent of Gardenias and magnolias.


On another note, Bellinzona is the capital of the Ticino, as foreshadowed by his name. The beauty of the city is perfectly reflective in its 2 magnificent medieval castles that are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This medieval city is rich in history and beautiful bourgeois residences.

Each town has its own unique charm. Buy a villa by the lake with a boat docked at the pontoon or a prestigious mansion in the hills with an incredible panorama, or even a palace or hôtel particulier (private mansion) in the Old Town.

The choice may be difficult, but your home will be beautiful.

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