In a breathtaking landscape at the heart of the canton of Ticino, between torrents and 3 hamlets, lies the heavenly commune of Muralto. Its own little world, a harmonious mix of Italian and Swiss influence, located south of the Alps and bordered by Lake Maggiore, this part of Ticino offers an idyllic living environment. We'll take you there.

The charm of Muralto

Buying a beautiful apartment in Muralto is a no-brainer. Still, we recommend you put a terrace on your criteria to enjoy Ticino’s year-round sunny climate, which is mild in the winter and subtropical in the summer. Consider an apartment with a view of Lake Maggiore; it’s simply sublime. Modern or old, Muralto offers an abundance of charms: a Mediterranean ambiance, a few palms, olive and cypress trees, calm blue-grey waters, coasts in full bloom, and beaches equipped with all kinds of water sports at a number of seaside resorts. Enjoying a cruise rise on the lake is a must to discover the area from a different perspective. It’s magical, even a little bit romantic.

Swiss punctuality with a bit of Italian fantasy

For many, buying a primary or secondary residence in Muralto is the ideal situation. Though modest in size, the city offers its residents every service and convenience. Cafes and shops are situated in beautiful Belle Epoque hotels. You’ll find that the historical and architectural heritage in Muralto is particularly interesting. Discover extraordinary churches and intimate alleys leading to old buildings, in which you’ll find antique apartments beautifully restored to the standards of today. Hike in the area surrounding Muralto and take breaks in the little villages of the Locarno region. Its awe-inspiring landscape of narrow valleys, mountains, and great lakes is an invitation to the dolce vita.

To acquire a residence in Muralto is to capture the sweetness of life. Full of discoveries, every day feels like a vacation. The surrounding cities are just as lively. The Piazza Grande in Locarno transforms into the world’s most beautiful cinema during the International Film Festival. See movie stars sail the beautiful waters of Lake Maggiore in style, just like you.

A pure delight

It’s impossible to think about Muralto without your taste buds going crazy. The regional cuisine has an Italian touch. Stopping at the “grotti” or taverns in the countryside is also an absolute must. While relaxing on a shady terrace, delight in local cuisine like brasato (braised beef), risotto, traditional Ticino dishes, and for the cherry on top, a Torta Di Pane (Ticino's most famous dessert). These delicious meals are best digested with a stroll through the Pioda and Rusca gardens on the lakeshore. There you’ll be able to indulge a little more and savor a delightful scoop of Italian ice-cream while admiring rare Chilean palm trees and Yatay coconut palms.

Buon appetito! As you could have guessed, Italian is the official language of Ticino.