A name with its own tune, no need for an Italian accent. We present the melodic, the enchanting Lugano (Lou- gA- no), tutti bello!

To live your everyday life surrounded by a natural living spectacle, become a homeowner in the canton of Ticino on the edge of Lake Lugano.

Luxury has the ability to make the eyes sparkle and the heart pound. What could be more luxurious than the beauty of an extraordinary natural landscape: a blue expansiveness protected by the mountains, colors changing with the dance of the sun and moon? Nothing. Especially when the breeze is humming that happy tune, you lose yourself in the panorama from the terrace of your high-end villa or apartment. We’re taking you on a journey in search of houses and apartments for sale around Lugano.

A life at the ends of the earth, but deeply rooted in the economy

Living in Lugano is not all about leisure and lazing around, although the living environment is certainly romantic and idyllic.This old fishing village is also a hub of financial and economic life. Ticino’s residents are dynamic, enterprising and resourceful, looking for a quality of life in tune with the times.

Some prefer to live in beautiful residences in the city. The city center offers charming narrow streets, squares with beautiful fountains, small pubs and good restaurants. Beautiful historical buildings are home to luxury apartments with modern renovations. The pastel-colored palaces are neoclassical gems. History blends seamlessly with modern times. The city is also embellished with exceptional contemporary design buildings, offering residents a high-end presentation.

La dolce vita

A translation is not necessary, and it’s okay if you haven’t watched the famous Fellini film (but you should). The sweetness of life reigning in the villas of Lugano and its surrounding villages is obvious.

Buying property or a palazzo is a dream that can come true, because our BARNES consultants are experts in the region and know of every property for sale in the canton of Ticino.

The most difficult part will be choosing between the sublime and the sublime. We guess life can get tough in this magnificent Swiss region on the border of Italy.

Whether for a secondary residence, a real estate investment or to live in all year long, your own little paradise is waiting for you near Lugano. A prestigious property in Castagnola, at the foot of Monte Bré with a spectacular view of the Mont Rosa and Alps of the Bernese and Valais.

A villa with a panoramic view of the lake in the Pregassona or Ruvigliana neighborhoods or a historical property on the heights of Montagnola. If you have a passion for boating, you might not be able to resist a majestic waterfront villa.

For others, the comfort of a luxury apartment in a high-end building will probably be the most appealing: penthouse in Paradiso with a terrace and, of course, a view of the lake. Lugano, a name that only brings joy.