There are those who can only imagine life in modern cities with ultra-sleek skyscrapers. But there are others who have a deep appreciation for antique buildings and beautiful mansions full of history. The latter is more than happy to take up residence in the delightful city of Sion.

A city full of riches

The sun sets the spotlight on this fortress of a city, a result of mountains blocking the clouds. You can see why Sion, a pretty city in the southwest of Valais, is impossible to go unnoticed as the sunniest city in Switzerland. Sion and its 2 fortresses - Tourbillon and Valerii dominating the top of these 2 hills - can be spotted with the naked eye from a distance.

Sion is a place where you can let your imagination run wild with stories of chivalry. Residents love passing down the tales and legends of the land. Sion and its 7,000 years of history is paradise for storytellers, with its 4 castles from the 13th century -Tourbillon, Valerii, Marjorie/Vidomnat, Montorge - and its museums. In Sion, music is sacred. The world's oldest organ (musical instrument) is located in the Basilica of Valerio, which is just a prelude to the many music festivals that take place in the city.

It's decided, you’re moving to Sion, if...

  1. 13 has always been your lucky number
  2. You just need a little something (inspiring) to finish the screenplay for your movie
  3. Your heart belongs to the past

Balancing between today and yesterday

The old soul of Sion is perfectly rounded out with the city’s modern infrastructure, as well as its economic, social, and cultural activities. Sion is the capital of the Valais, and its historical charm has managed to remain intact, evident in its exceptional old buildings. Residents are divided between living in the heart of the city, the old town or in beautiful mansions in the surrounding countryside.

The old town is sublime, embellished with luminous restored buildings, ornate balconies, and refreshing fountains. This medieval village is also warm. The marketplace is welcoming, and even more lively on Fridays when 80 vendors are in attendance to sell their delicious regional products: fruits and vegetables harvested on Valais lands, wines produced on the 420 hectares of vineyards in Sion; then, of course, there’s cheese, dried meats, and chocolates.

If you couldn’t imagine, the countryside is majestic, with large spaces surrounded by snowy summits, elegant houses, and warm chalets.

Sion has no intention to remain frozen in the past. The Sédunois value their cultural and social life, hosting international music events, the Sion Carnival, one of the most famous carnivals in Switzerland, and the Fellini Foundation, among others.

Buying a residence in Sion is a really good idea for lovers of nature, water sports, and tranquility. The Valais and Sion are especially privileged destinations, offering an exceptional living environment just a few minutes from excellent ski resorts: Anzère, Crans Montana, Veysonnaz. Or a little farther, Les Diablerets, Villars, and Verbier. In short, happiness is not hard to find in Sion.

You’ll choose to live in Sion if ...

  1. You have a thing fortresses
  2. You don’t believe that chivalry is dead
  3. You’ll take your break on skis