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Canton of Zoug

Canton of Zoug

The tiny Canton of Zug sits very close to Zürich and is known as the Swiss tax haven. The setting and environment are particularly attractive with Lake Zug and its idyllic banks in the center of the canton.

The favorable tax laws have attracted large multinationals, like Siemens and commodities brokerage firms, as well as many high-net-worth individuals. Zug is the wealthiest canton in Switzerland.

Ideally located on the banks of the lake, Zug old town belonged to the Habsburgs until the end of the 14th Century. Many consider it the most beautiful town in Switzerland. It is renowned for its splendid and beautifully restored houses and the spectacular sunsets over the lake.

Zugerberg mountain offers panoramic views of the area.

Outside Zug, the most sought-after areas are Ennetsee, Walchwil and Unterägeri.