Perhaps it’s this charming Swiss town’s international cachat that allows it to have 2 spellings. Whether Zug or Zoug, its single pronunciation offers a certain musicality that only adds to the pleasure of living in this little paradise.

Live in an idyllic setting

Look no more, we have found the perfect place for you to unpack your suitcases for good in Switzerland. Halfway between Zurich and Lucerne is the capital of the canton of Zug, known simply as Zug. At first sight, this welcoming city is a pleasure to the eyes, with its narrow streets, sweeping panoramas of the lake, bourgeois houses, beautiful 14th-century mansions, and historic buildings, a beautiful reminder of the municipality's rich heritage.

In fact, Zug is one of the richest cities in Switzerland. A city of many delights, it is incredible clean, parks are immaculately manicures, and children are free to return home from school alone in a safe and secure environment. When it comes to education, this capital city is envied by others in the canton for its academic excellence. These are just some of the reasons why families are particularly attracted to Zug. Calm yet dynamic, the city also offers many sports and cultural activities.

Due to its impressive economy and tax policy, Zug serves as a haven for Swiss and international companies, of which many have decided to established their headquarters there. Large multinationals like Glencore and Siemens, among others, have smarly taken advantage of its low tax rates for business and individuals. As a result, the standard of living is very high, salaries are growing, and the city continues to progress and offer its residents a multitude of activities that will meet their (high) expectations.

Get to know the “zougois” know-how

The real estate market in Zug is dynamic. Apartments in the city are among the most popular. Inhabitants of Zug - known in French as the “Zougois” - appreciate the comfort and charm of bourgeois residential buildings, in which apartments have preserved their historical character while benefiting from high-quality renovations: beautiful bathroom, stylish kitchens, high-end finishes, and upscale amenities. The clientele in Zug is more times than not in search of luxurious, family-owned apartments, with a parking space if possible. Just as everywhere else in Switzerland, parking is regulated.

Buying an apartment in Zug comes with all the advantages of living in a big city, but tailored to a human scale. Residents are full of good humor. There are numerous restaurants, bars, and local vendors. As a bonus, the panorama of the mountains and Lake Zug is simply sublime.

Expatriates, in particular, are know to seize opportunities and buy in Zug since the market is so favorable. In the case of sudden relocation, buyers know that investing in property in Zug is very profitable because of how quick and easy a resale can take place.

Zug is modern, diverse, and open to the outside world. A quarter of the city’s population are not Swiss. This has helped create a cosmopolitan atmosphere, anchored in the current times while respecting the Swiss values responsible for such a high quality of life.

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